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Hairitage Hydration

Hairitage Hydration

Hey Curlies,

Check out this inspirational interview with owner and founder Sheena Crawford of Hairtage Hydration:


RMC: What inspired you to start your own product line?

HH: I didnt have any real inspiration when I first started. It was just something I needed to do to support my daughter and myself. This was just a little way to make some money… Then I got to the point where I needed to inspire myself to grow, to become bigger and make an impact for people who wanted to start there own business. And that I did.

RMC: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a business owner?

HH: The biggest challenge that I have had is putting my self out there meaning me,
myself and my products. I really dont like selling to people so I try not to
sell to people. I prefer for people to make their own choices. So that is
a challenge for me still on how
to sell Hairitage Hydration without “selling”. Also I am a homebody. I rather
be home then going to all the meet ups and hair shows and stuff like that. I
know that I need to start getting out though so that is a goal that I have for
the summer, to put myself out there more.

RMC: What 3 things have contributed to the success of your company?

HH: Hummmm 3 things huh. Me believing in myself is
number one. I know I have a great mind and great ideas. I have never had a
single doubt about what I could become. Number 2 I have some of the most loyal
awesome fans! Shout out The Long Hair Care Forum and everyone on my Facebook
page! I love these ladies! I wouldnt have made this much progress this fast
without them. 3 errrr…….um. I would say other
women in this business. We are all so willing to help each other and uplift each
other. The owners of Honey Chile Hair Love, Curly Kinks, Lia Naturals, Koils
By Nature, Natural Girls Rock, Darcy’s Botanicals have all played a role in my success. They
all gave me profound tib bits of info that helped me grow, and I thank them for

RMC: What sets your products apart from other natural hair products?

HH: I think what sets my products about from others are there unique names and
flavors :) They are fun products to use. Jar of Joe, Lemon Cake Face Frosting,
Banana Pudding Deep Conditioner. All fun names and really yummy smelling .


RMC: What is your most popular product?

HH: My most popular product is the Castor Infusion which is a growth aid that I came
up with. Its a very smooth blend of shea butter and nettle infused castor oil.
Smells like orange dreamsicle.

RMC: What advice do you have for people wanting to start their own business?

HH: My advice to people who want to start their own business is to stay positive
about the situation, there should be no room for doubt and negativity. Don’t play that money game either. I started
my business with like $300 and truth be told, I could have started this business
with $25 at the least. Be on ya hustle and just do what you wanna do. Never
listen to a person who tells you no one is gonna buy your stuff. If someone says
that to you… ya mind should go “oh yeah, well watch this” and you show them,
but more importantly show yourself that
you can do it. Its very easy owning your own business it’s fun and it gets
your creative mind going. You’ll be amazed at what your mind can to when you
trust it.

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  1. just read your page now i feel real dumb for not looking before asking but anyway congratulations on your business going s well im so proud of you. i hope i can be as successful myself some day

  2. I love Hairitage Hydrations. Wish you much success Sheena. She has at least one customer for life.

  3. I loooooooooove Hairitage Hydration! & I second that customer for life comment!

  4. I stumbled upon Hairitage Hydration on google. I took a chance aftr visting the site and found great products that my hair loved and adored. Its been a little over a yr now and These yummy goodness products will forever be in my hair regimen.. Thank you Ms. Crawford for being inspired to make such a line, you’ve help me no doubt on my hair journey!!

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